Global Delivery Transformation

With a unique blend of consulting, organization personalization, hands-on workshops, RoI enablers & analytics driven products, we help transform delivery organizations


To enable organization
personalization including
specific domain flavors

Hands-on Workshops

For engineering/delivery
community, uniquely designed
to bring the 70:20:10
learning into the workshop

Rol Enablers

Arms organizations with
success measures including
Rol enablers


Governance & Delivery Framework

Spaneos Consulting & Workshops Catalog

Program Management

Managing a group of connected projects

P101: For Program Managers

Delivery Management

Managing a portfolio of accounts within specific verticals

D103: For Delivery Managers and Account Managers

A101: For Account Managers

Practical Project Management

Ground Level Skills to deliver FPC & T&M projects

D101: For Leads, PMs-to-be and PMs

D102: For senior Project Managers

AG101: Agile Awareness & Transformation

ALM Consulting (Application Lifecycle Management)


Governance & Delivery Framework

  1. Process Definition & Workflow Automation
  2. Governance Dashboards

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